Our Stories

Survivors needed! Having been rescued from overwhelming pain and heartache, I can confidently say that we can help rescue each other by sharing experiences and resources of what got us through our most difficult days.  These stories become the encouragement and direction we need to remain hopeful in surviving adversity.

I believe in miracles because I have experienced them. But I also believe that the Church (Body of Believers in God) is God's primary strategy (hands and feet) of His rescue. We are uniquely equipped, with His help, to rescue one another. God's rescue for you is some combination of His direct help, the help of the community of believers, and what you can do yourself.  When you have tried everything else on your own and it's not working, this is the place to help you find Hope and Help!

It's a Broken World

Life is far from perfect or even easy most of the time.  And then there are the unbearable seasons. This site is a collaborative approach to helping you through overwhelming circumstances. We may not be able to change your circumstances, but God can ... and maybe you can too even when you think you can't. Others too can help as part of God's rescue. We are intended to be His hands and feet helping rescue each other.

The only magic is in God's miracles and what we can do for each other. And, we believe that God still performs miracles every day! So, never lose sight of that or hope that it can happen for you!


Meet the Team

You are part of the TEAM ... we are all part of God's Adversity Response Team. Share your resources and stories here!