25 Ways God Rescues

If asked to sum up God’s entire book (The Bible) in one word, I would use Rescue. All throughout history, God has rescued those who have cried out to him,  and who have sought Him with all of their hearts, souls, and minds. Many times He does so in ways that leave no doubt that it is Him– in ways that defy logic. He sometimes lets things get so bad that when nothing else in this world works, we turn to Him and things miraculously get better.

Here is a list of the ways I have seen God’s rescue in my life and others. (It’s not exhaustive by any means.)   He:

  1. Provides a way out trouble when there is no way out, miraculously improving our circumstances.
  2. Empowers the weak and defeated, giving them enough strength to make it through.
  3. Gives us courage when we are discouraged.
  4. Gives His peace in the midst of adversity—the kind that calms all fears and replaces them with confidence that everything will be okay.
  5. Gives healing (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) when others say it can’t be done.
  6. Gives His abiding presence so that we will know He is with us.
  7. Forgives and wipes away our sins.
  8. Gives us grace and mercy when we don’t deserve it.
  9. Gives us hope when we are hopeless and desperate.
  10. Provides good friends when we have none.
  11. Meets our needs.
  12. Protects us from evil.
  13. Honors us in front of our enemies.
  14. Restores all that was lost.
  15. Comforts us in our pain.
  16. Mends our broken hearts.
  17. Let’s us love again.
  18. Defeats our enemies and delivers us from bondage.
  19. Creates financial windfalls and gives us favor with debtors.
  20. Gives us wisdom when we ask.
  21. Gives us understanding when nothing makes sense.
  22. Restores our souls and renews a steadfast spirit within us.
  23. Restores our self-esteem and makes us feel valuable again.
  24. Takes away our sorrow and replaces it with joy.
  25. Gives us eternal life!


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